Phillips Development builds luxury mountain homes in and around Park City, Utah

Our Philosophy

“Quality of Life” means many things to us. It epitomizes the life lived in the Wasatch Mountains. It is our mission to provide the Highest Quality of a Luxury Home and a Superior Quality of Life.

From our award-winning luxury homes in Park City to our high-tech upgrades of older homes, Phillips Development is committed to providing personalized and professional products that enhance your way of life. Let us bring our passion to your vision and make it a reality today.

Personal Attention

Every Home-Owner receives personal attention from the Owner and President of Phillips Development - Josh Phillips, as well as their own project manager. This allows another set of eyes on the home being built so that the Home Owner can expect that the home is built to the highest Quality from footings to the final touch. Phillips Development is devoted to providing personal attention from introduction to living in the home. We hope to be more than your builder, we hope to be your friend.

Structured Building Process

Building a home can be a stressful experience. Phillips Development concentrates on every detail of the process. We try to answer all of your questions and address your concerns before you have to ask. Our goal is to ensure that when the home is complete you will look back at the experience and “would do it again.” We do this by providing each homeowner with a Selection Book to assist them in discovering the design details they would like in their home. We have consistent meetings with the owners so that we can ensure that the home is built the way the Home-Owners live their lives. We are there constantly striving to assist the homeowners in the hard decisions that come with building a custom home. We also have partnered up with other professionals such as Architects and Interior Designers to assist the homeowner.

Craftsmen & Trade Partners

Phillips Development uses only the best Trade partners and product for each of our homes. The key to building a Luxury home is two part:

  1. Partnering up with Sub-contractors who epitomize Craftsmanship, Honesty, and Integrity.
  2. Using only the highest quality and technologically advanced products on the market.

We have employed only the Best Trade-Partners in a Phillips Development home.